A young man calls in sick to work. A few hours later, he posts that his hangover is a killer. His coworkers share his post with his employer who quickly decides a night of partying is not a good reason to miss work. The young man is dismissed. He may not even realize where his employer got the information, but now his previous employer is no longer a good reference and has a story to tell on him.

After a good night's sleep and rested mounts, we saddled up and rode out to the locked gate at Grapevine Canyon. There they were, a large camp of hunters ready for the opening day in the morning. We decided to be good neighbors, we hollered "hello" and were invited in. We tied up the horses, grabbed our cups and crossed the fence for a cup of coffee. (Cowboy Rule #6, "don't leave the corral without your coffee cup. If you get asked to join a camp fire, don't expect the other guy to furnish the coffee and the cup, cuz he ain't sharing his!").

I attributed it to military inasmuch as White Sands and Biggs in El Paso were East, Sierra Vista to the South and Davis Monthan AFB was in Tucson. It puzzled me why they would fly such a top secret aircraft along such a busy highway with such a high probability of detection.

Want to take a long driving trip away from home? The "Eat Well Everywhere You Go" mapping done online puts an end to uncertainty on missing a chance to eat healthy on the road. All the kinds of outlets can get mapped on the travel route. A driver going from San Diego out east on a southern route can stop in at Mountain View Market Co-op in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

He became partners with territorial legislator Albert Franklin Banta and later invested in mining. In 1883, as a lobbyist, he helped repeal the bullion tax law. That same year, he was head of the Democratic Territorial Central Committee. He was also a founding member of the Arizona Pioneers Historical Association and spent time as a saloon keeper.

At the professional level, teams that finish at the bottom refer to this time of year as the beginning of golf season. And given the paychecks of most players and coaches, they don't have to worry much about competing with retirees for tee times. The one disappointment in 2008 has been that in writing about the college game, the Sage can't slam the Detroit Lions. The pitiful old motor city franchise looks as it has finally blown all it's gaskets and not even the team ownership seems to care. At least Lions players get paid something for losing. Professional players have a paycheck coming in and a vacation to look forward to. At the college level though, Christmas_Lights Seasson players on losing teams are compelled to visit their respective Religious Studies Departments to seek inner peace. Their coaches seek employment.

First, find an electrical depot for the Christmas lights, and then connect an extension cord to a 120V electric outlet with a Grounded-Faults-Circuit-Interrupters protector. Preferably, a switcher-control automatic timer outlet is recommended for the Better Christmas_Lights Seasson. Don't use any indoor timers on outdoor lights.

Hedgecock has a 4.00 grade-point average as a mechanical engineering management major. In addition to his success in the classroom, the three-time Patriot League Academic Honor Roll selection serves as the Deputy Brigade Commander, the second-highest position in the cadet chain of command of the Corps of Cadets.

This latest ruling is one of several conflicting federal decisions on school prayer in recent years. In July 1999, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that an Alabama school district could not ban student-initiated prayer at school activities, even when attendance of the event is mandatory.

Research what kind of equipment you want to bring. You don't have to go overboard with your lens array, and you can get away with a slower kit lens (f/4 or smaller). The lighting isn't so great, though, so acts later in the evening might be hard to shoot.

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